Remote support Connection guide

Click the Team Viewer logo to automatically download our remote support software.

Find the Team Viewer file in your downloads folder and double click to run the file.

Follow the instructions to install the program.

After you have installed the program, please call LockTech IT on 0404 686 973 to connect to Brett.

What can you do during a Remote Support?

  • Chat with the technician(s)
  • View a detailed session log
  • Allow or deny the technician the right to perform certain actions
  • Send individual files to a technician
  • Change the display font size
  • Revoke permissions, such as remote control or file management, from the technician by clicking the large X in the upper-left corner
  • End a session by clicking the small X in the upper-right corne

What do I need to have on my computer?

The more important thing to have is a reasonable internet connection.